Unlike previous times when North American and European cultures were the mainstream of world culture, Asian culture, armed with new and unique colors, is emerging as a new mainstream of global culture. They consumption of content created by Asian creators with cultural identity has become a so-called heaps culture for people in the world thirsty for cultural diversity, and cultural Heritage and novelty in Asian countries are certainly providing new scenes and values to contemporaries, not temporary fads.

I don't know exactly what Asian Cool is. But the fact remains that Asians have silently done good work and will continue to do so.
Asians were originally cool.

︎ mtl Poster Exhibition
︎ Place: more than less, 24 Itaewon-ro 49-gil Yongsan-gu Seoul
︎ Design: Na Hana
︎ Spec: 297*420mm

︎ Photo : more than less