South Shore 

Our brand South Shore has started in a small town by the sea called Namae in Yangyang.
It is designed for the people with a lifestyle where they have ocean as a part of their daily life.
Our company wishes to cohabit with a lot of people who has already seeped the power of
nature and think highly  of that power which can affect us in many different ways.
Through the energy of the ocean, we will recognize the different aspects of life and
produce products that naturally into our daily lives.

“Yes, Shore! We All Sort of Primed for Addicition.” 

South Shore is located in the southernmost part of Yangyang, Gangwon-do.
It is a quiet seaside village with warm sunlight, a mesmerizing blue sea, and a small harbor.
It still retains the appearance of the slow-paced countryside, which is in stark contrast from the bustling city.