This is a poster on display at the 1st Bigriver exhibition.
"A bird breaks its eggs." This is a sentence in Demian.As soon as I heard this song, I felt that Damian had a pleasantly choreographed sound like a labor song. It is a very straightforward and exciting song that lets go of all the false acts of watching other people's breathtaking interest and tact. I like painting, but I kept my eyes wide open on my shameful skill. But the way this poster was unfolded was one of the acts that broke my "shell." Anyone who is staring out of the window, throwing off all the masks, clothes and accessories he was wearing, and sitting loose in a comfortable couch. We believe that we grow up in the act of destroying our own shells on our own. I recommend listening to this song and breaking our 'shell'.

︎ Bigriver 1st exhibition
︎ Place: B.39 Place
︎ Design: Na Hana
︎ Spec: 594*841mm