JIFF : 100Films 100Posters

It is an event where ‘100 Films 100Posters’ are selected from among the films screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival and 100 graphic designers each create movie posters. During the festival, 100 movie posters will be displayed on the streets and galleries of Jeonju. Among the films at the 2023 Jeonju International Film Festival, I selected a movie called "LOST" and produced it as a poster.

   ︎︎︎Poster / Graphic / Exhibition
  ︎︎︎Hosted : Jeonju International Film Festival
  ︎︎︎Organized : GRAPHIC
  ︎︎︎Web Exhibition : 100Films 100Posters
  ︎︎︎Film Director : KANG Dongin